If you want the benefits of a personal trainer but also like the feeling of group fitness classes, check out our semi-private personal training option.




  • Your trainer will design a new personalized workout program for you every month

  • At each session, you’ll demonstrate the exercises and your trainer will coach your movement

  • There will be 3-8 other members alongside you working on their program and receiving individualized coaching from the same trainer


The small group setting you’ll get with semi-private personal training helps ensure you benefit from a trainer’s expertise while also cultivating an undeniable sense of community. Familiar faces are there for you every session to provide encouragement in a space where intimidation will be the last thing on your mind.



  • Plenty of attention from a trainer

  • Non-intimidating

  • Sense of community


Ready to sign up for semi-private training? Contact us online or call 608.831.2673 today to schedule a tour and begin your 21-Day Jumpstart Program.