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Welcome to the CORE family, DC!

Updated: May 21, 2020

CORE has very exciting news to share!

We have hired a new coach and we are delighted for her to be part of the CORE team and for you all to meet her!

Her name is Darryn-Cynthia Amanda, but she goes by “DC” for short.

The year is 2015. I had just graduated from the University of Georgia with a Masters in Kinesiology and my mother had just moved back to Kenya, my native country, leaving me as the sole member of my family in these United States. The prior winter, I had witnessed firsthand the frigid, snowy white winters of Wisconsin and, being a lover of snow, I packed my belongings and moved up north, explaining my current residence. Prior to that, other than a small stint in Maryland, most of my formative upbringing was in Georgia, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in French.

During my undergrad years, a strong bond blossomed between exercise and I, leading to my fitness coaching journey. I studied Kinesiology in grad school because I wanted to have a deep understanding of fitness before I coached anyone. Once I settled in the Madison area, I worked at Snap Fitness and Gold’s Gym as a personal trainer, as well as OrangeTheory Fitness as a fitness coach. After a while, I took a break from coaching and worked at Exact Sciences as a clinical laboratory scientist for a couple years before professionally returning to the fitness world. Personally, one of the joys of coaching is to assist an individual reach their fitness goals and just witness their daily progress. Exercise is a lifelong choice and I want to be a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.

When I’m not at CORE, I’m at the gym reaching my goals, doing Jiu Jitsu, experimenting and playing with make-up, browsing Netflix for another riveting documentary, or developing my own skincare line.

​Please send her an email and welcome her to CORE if you'd like!

DC will make a great addition to the CORE team and family.  We look forward to her working with us and coaching you. Please stop in sometime soon to meet her.

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