What I Ate in a Day: Coach Eric

Our members are often asking us what we eat, so we decided to compile a blog series on this very topic! Over the next few weeks, each of the CORE coaches will share with you a look into a typical day of food for them. Enjoy!


Typical breakfasts for me are eggs, with a mix of veggies, or oatmeal. However, on weekends we will often treat ourselves. On this morning we enjoyed a make ahead French Toast dish along with sausage patties.


Amy and I have a full garden each year and we enjoy having fresh produce for many of our meals. Though it was a bit early for our garden’s tomatoes, we did use our lettuce and onion for BLTs. With my homemade bread, it makes for a perfect summer lunch!


Amy’s family owns a beef farm so we usually have opportunities for good beef. In the morning we gathered lots of our veggies and a package of beef neck bones into a stock pot to make a beef broth. By mid-afternoon our kitchen was smelling great!


For dinner, we had a beef roast and ate that along with potatoes, snap peas, and carrots.

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