“My summer spent training with Kane, and at Core gym was one to remember and I look forward to another offseason with them. They tailored work-outs to best fit me and what I liked the most was the atmosphere and attitude of all of the stuff. There is nothing like training with people who are knowledgeable and love what they do. I’m excited for my season because this is the best my body has felt in a long time and I owe a good portion of that to them.”

-Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers

“Before I came to Core I was overweight, felt run down and lethargic. My shoulders hurt constantly along with my hips. Since starting, my mental health and physical health have made the most significant changes. I have lost 40 pounds, and am over half-way to my goal. My shoulders no longer ache, my hip feels wonderful and I feel strong. I didn’t feel like an impostor at CORE, they accepted each of us where we were and went from there to help us be the best we could be. Core has truly saved my life!”

-Sue Brumm-Stumpf

“I have been attending classes led by Kane and doing one on one training with Eric at CORE over the past year. I turn 60 in 2013 and currently feel the best physically that I have for a long time. I like CORE’s philosophy of focusing on maintaining and improving their client’s overall quality of life. Their objective is to give their clients the physical tools to remain active without aches and pains. They have a great understanding of how the different body parts work together and provide good rehabilitation workouts when people do hurt themselves being active. Other gyms I have been to in the past seem to want to break you down with a boot camp mentality of no pain/no gain. Workouts at CORE aren’t easy but they concentrate on improving your range of motion, flexibility and strength while always being aware to not cause any damage to the body.

I broke 80 playing golf last year for the first time ever. CORE didn’t work on my golf technique, but their training allows me to swing a golf club without discomfort and with more flexibility. I also play basketball or jog five days a week and pain that I used to have in my knees and back have disappeared. CORE’s trainers have a breadth of experience that allows them to work with young athletes and baby boomers like myself. I can easily say the best I feel all week long is when I am walking out of CORE after another great training session.“

-Terry S

“Core started out as part of my son’s quest to become a stronger athlete; little did I know it would end up strengthening me. At age 53 I started working out at Core. Monday and Thursday evenings are a time I look forward to participating in Core’s small group sessions. Kane and his wonderful trainers have made me feel stronger, healthier and I finally enjoy exercising! Going to Core is one of the best things I have ever done for myself!”

-Susan LaMontange

“Core taught me back and pectoral exercises that helped to strengthen my shoulders and keep me from putting undue stress on them while exercising. Within a few months I not only regained flexibility in my shoulder but I was able to do pushups and chest presses again…something I have not been able to do for several years. In fact, I can more pushups today than I could when I was a college athlete 30 years ago. I have lost (and kept off) a total of 35 lbs, which, has caused my blood sugar to return to such healthy levels that I am no longer on any medicines for diabetes!”

-Alex Gee

“I have been in and out of health clubs for over 25 years. This is the first place I have found that I look forward to going to the gym at 6:30 a.m. and sticking to a routine. Core is a friendly atmosphere where you don’t feel overwhelmed with your workout, which they change every three to six weeks so you don’t get bored. The personal trainers watch your moves to help develop your posture so you aren’t just lifting weights, you are toning and redefining your body. If you really want to improve your body and just make yourself feel good, I would encourage you to give Core a try.”

-Penny Hart

“I started with Core Athletic several months ago. I came into the program looking to build strength and muscle. It had been challenging prior to joining core, as I have migraines and had surgery on my knee a few years ago, and did not fully recover. After working with Andy for only a few weeks I noticed that my migraine episodes were less and the knee was not bothering me as much. As I progressed, not only did I gain strength but my knee pain is almost completely gone. There are many days and weeks that go by that I am pain free and forget I even had knee surgery. Thanks to the help of Core Athletic, I am on the road to take back control of my fitness, health, and life.”

-DeAnne Lenz

“I have been working with Kane and the CORE trainers over the past year. It’s been the best thing I could have done for myself. A year ago I found myself struggling to workout at home or at the gym and at times it seemed like I would get ahead but only to fall backwards after missing a week, then two, etc. Now I have the discipline to go to CORE each and every week which not only helps me stay on track with my goals but I am able to focus on the specific training that I need from the help of Kane and his trainers. I have increased my strength, core and flexibility which allows me to have better balance and just feel good about myself. I can’t thank Kane and CORE enough for the dedicated team, which has helped me in all areas of my personal health, mobility and fitness.”

-Eric Heiting

“I recently celebrated my one year anniversary at CORE! I received an email from CORE thanking and congratulating me! I appreciate CORE’s commitment to their clients and the individual attention that I have received in working through some back and knee issues. It’s comforting to train with such a knowledgeable and caring group of trainers. I look forward to my workouts!”

-Vicky D’Orazio

“In April 0f 2014 I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis along with ruptured discs at l4 and l5 along with a herniated disc at s1. The disc issues were pinching on my sciatic nerve which severely limited my everyday activity like going up and down stairs, getting in and out of my car and even walking. To put it mildly, boy do I know about pain.

That’s when I decided to make the commitment to Core Health and Fitness. I began working with Eric Lord and the other coaches are Core. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. With their program of working out 2-3 times per week, I can now say that I am 95% back to normal. While I am not able to claim total victory yet, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I owe my good health primarily to Core Health & Fitness.

I cannot thank Eric, Kane and the entire staff enough. They have challenged me in ways I never thought was possible. They have taught me how to exercise properly and to remember it’s all about the quality of the reps, not the quantity. I can tell you that I have worked very hard and have dedicated myself to being the best I can be. I have worked out at other “big box” health clubs in Madison, but nothing tops the success that I have achieved here at Core.

Finally, I have developed wonderful friendships with the Core staff as well as others who work out at Core. Exercising at Core is like my home away from home. .”

-Steve Knuteson

“I came to Core Health and Fitness after a brief ‘hiatus’ from strength training. I had labral tear in my right hip and had to have surgery in which over half my cartilage was removed. I started slowly back to working out by beginning with yoga. Once I got back ‘on my feet’, I felt I needed to add strength training back into my routine.

Eric Lord took special care in learning my history and performing some baseline tests. Then he formulated a customized workout program designed specifically to address my needs. I noticeably became stronger with each passing week.

Not only has Core Health and Fitness helped me regain my level of fitness and helped me rehab my hip, they’ve made it such fun along the way. I haven’t been a part of any other gym where the comradery is so great! Kane has really created an environment of having fun while getting fit!”

-Michelle Oster