Reduce your Toxic Burden: PT III

It’s our 3rd and final installment in the “Reduce your Toxic Burden” series! If you missed Part One or Two, be sure to check those out so you know WHY it’s important to reduce your toxic burden to look & feel your very best!

Here we will discover action steps to take to ensure our homes are as low on the toxic scale as possible!

Do you need to do all of these steps today? OF COURSE NOT! Pick one to start and then work your way through the list. Some of these will sound super easy to you, some will sound crazy difficult. Start with the steps that sound easy to you. Let those work their magic for a few months. As you’re ready, continue to work your way through this list.

Besides being good for your health (and the health of everyone else living in your home), living a less-toxic lifestyle is more economical and better for our environment as well.

Healthier | Cheaper | Earth-Friendly: WIN-WIN-WIN!!!



Choose your next mattress wisely.

Keep smart phones, tablets and computers out of your bedroom at night while you sleep.

Plug in lamps and alarm clocks at least 4-6 feet away from your head while you sleep.

Do a bedroom detox.

Use zero-VOC or low-VOC paints on your walls, like this one!

Do a closet cleanse!

Natural fiber clothing and bedding is best and synthetic fabrics are best avoided or used sparingly.



Filter your shower water to remove chlorine and other impurities.

Use regular ol’ soap and water to wash hands and prevent the spread of germs instead of anti-bacterial soaps and harsh anti-bacterial gel.

Treat acne holistically.

Wash your face with gentler and natural products. Or just oil cleanse.

Ditch your antiperspirant containing aluminum. Try a brand like this, this or make your own.

Swap out your chemical-laden lotion for plain coconut oil. Or buy a brand like this.

Switch to a toothpaste that is fluoride free like this. Or make your own.

Ladies: Ditch the conventional tampons & pads that are bleached and chlorinated. Instead use organic cotton versions of each or try cloth pads and a menstrual cup. Your wallet, body & the earth will thank you!

Make your own eye-makeup remover.

Throw out your chemical laden makeup and replace them with trusted and transparent companies like 100%Pure, Jane Iredale and Everyday Minerals.



Detox your kitchen!

Filter your drinking water with BritaSoma or Berkey! More info on water filtration.

Clean up your cookware.

Throw out your harsh dishwasher detergent and make your own!

Use glass storage instead of plastic for water and leftovers.

Only heat up your lunch leftovers in glass storage- do not heat up in plastic!

Reduce your relationship with plastic in general!

Eat organic or pesticide free produce.

Reduce your consumption of GMOs. Big culprits are corn, soy and vegetable oils.

Use the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list as a guide if you can’t buy all organic or all pesticide free.

Eat wild caught fish instead of farmed. Choose smaller fish in the food chain.

Stay away from processed foods. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients or this food didn’t exist 100 years ago- stay away!!

Ditch the vegetable oils from your pantry. Cook and bake with coconut oil, real butter, ghee and olive oil instead.



Purify your air with a Himilayian Salt Lamp like this one.

Open your windows as often as you can and let the fresh air and sunshine come into your house.

Ditch air fresheners, Febreeze, paraffin candles and any plug in smelly products.

Try a super simple homemade room spray instead.

Burn beeswax candles.

Use charcoal air freshener pouches like these.

Use an air purifier like this one.

Choose ceramic tile or hard-wood flooring over carpet.

Purchase real wood furniture instead of plywood or particle board furniture.



Stop buying chemical based cleaning products!!

Make your own cleaning products with plain vinegar, baking soda, lemon and castille soap and you’ve got your house covered! Try these recipes & ideas for easy and cheap homemade products.

Don’t want to DIY? Buy safe cleaning products like these.

Ditch the fabric softener and dryer sheets. Use wool dryer balls instead.

Use better laundry detergents. Make your own this like one or this one.

Learn more here.



Reduce your EMF exposure from technology.

Use a defender pad underneath your laptop when working with it directly on your body.


It takes 8.20 minutes for sunlight to reach the earth

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