Core Health & Fitness thanks you for taking the time to stay healthy.

With a variety of insurance carriers, there’s a way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and receive a reimbursement for your hard work and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Dean Health Plan: Wellness Incentives Now! (WIN) Program
Dean Health Plan’s WIN Program offers cash back for your Core Health & Fitness membership. Anyone who is covered under Dean Health insurance is eligible to participate, children and adults alike.

Dean will reimburse individual members for eligible services received, up to $100 back each contract year. In addition to the individual maximum, there is also a maximum reimbursement limit of $200 per family, per calendar year.

Group Health Cooperative: Exercise For Excellence
Get started today with Exercise for Excellence, the GHC-SCW fitness reimbursement program. GHC-SCW will reimburse you either $100 (individual) or $200 (family of two or more enrolled members) for the year.

To be eligible for the wellness reimbursement, work out least 120 times during a 1-year period, from January 1st through December 31st. For details visit https://ghcscw.com

Physicians Plus: Good Health Bonus
Physicians Plus provides an annual $100 or $200 Good Health Bonus reimbursement.

A regular exercise routine is important to maintaining a more active and healthy lifestyle. Physicians Plus now offers a health & fitness facility reimbursement as part of its Good Health Bonus program.

To receive reimbursement for your Core Health & Fitness membership, simply collect receipts and attach a copy/copies of your receipt(s), complete the Gym Reimbursement Form found on Physicians Plus website and mail it to the address listed on the form for reimbursement.